Meet the New Resident Services Field Agents at Parkmerced

5 Maximus employees sitting on steps with. masks and blue jackets

At Maximus, we’re constantly ideating ways to creatively evolve multi-family residential living. One important principle we’ve come to learn is that our dynamic human needs require human-driven solutions. That’s why Maximus’ Parkmerced has recently introduced Residential Services Field Agents (RSFAs) to its community.

As of February, Parkmerced’s resident services team has expanded their role, acting as a sort of self-contained mobile office that hits the road and brings residential services directly to the community. Rather than needing to pay a visit to the Residents Services Office to address inquiries or concerns, all residents have to do is flag down the nearest agent within sight to request services. 

These field agents are readily available, placed throughout different nodes of the community. While problem-solving on the go, our agents simultaneously serve residents and learn more about their nuanced needs. They find this is a great way to add more of a personal touch to service solutions.

Designed to offer simplicity, flexibility and transparency for residents, the RSFA initiative takes what once was a static and limited-accessibility office and injects it directly into the communal space. 

Agents are at the ready right on the spot to aid residents with:

  • Parking
  • Storage
  • Fobs and garage remotes
  • Maintenance work order requests
  • Lease and billing questions
  • Notices to vacate
  • Elevator reservations
  • Car-free living assistance
  • Pet registration
  • Bike permits
  • Information about amenities and reservations (if required)
5 Maximus employees sitting on steps with blue jackets

Field Agents are not only points of contact to request services, but also to suggest feedback on how to improve our community experiences. In addition to being versatile liaisons and service agents, what our RSFAs primarily provide is a human-to-human approach to residential operations.

Easy to spot in eye-catching navy, white and yellow uniforms, the RSFAs at Parkmerced spread a sense of joy and wellness in addition to providing essential services to their residents.