Amenity Trends for our Furry Friends

couple smiling and petting dog

Demand for pet-friendly spaces in multifamily living has long been on the rise, and according to data collected by CoStar, pet-friendliness continues to rank among the top three amenity searches for renters in 2020 and beyond. Spending on pets in the U.S. increases every year, and reached $103.6 billion in 2020 according to a report from the American Pet Products Association. As a good deal of prospective renters continue to prioritize making room for animal companions in their lives, the industry has been managing regulations and introducing pet-specific amenities to meet this market demand. 

Before the pandemic and most certainly after, the company of another family member — in canine, feline or other form — is something that society has been taking less for granted, and Maximus communities have been eager to welcome resident pets. Here are some of the rising amenity trends geared towards resident pets that we’ve identified in the past year.

girl on grass petting cat, parents in background

Recreational Spaces

Dog runs, pet parks, cat jungles — think of any active recreation space and add “pet” in front of it, and there’s a classic example of a dedicated pet space. While some apartment communities advertise walking distance proximity to outdoor parks and fields, many more urban developments have also introduced dedicated courtyards, lawn spaces and even rooftop lounges for pets. Maximus apartment communities all include enclosed dog parks on the property for residents to let their dogs safely run free.

dog laying face up on rug surrounded by bags of treats

Free Treats

Offering free treats doesn’t take much premeditated planning — but it goes a long way. Several of our communities including South Shore in Alameda have partnered with Wilderbites to offer discounts and giveaways to residents. Wilderbites, a line of high-quality, unprocessed treats and chews, is a local Bay Area business, so interweaving community engagement and pet-friendliness is also a new trend being established. Maximus community The Cove at Tiburon also offers daily dog treats for pet parents that swing by their leasing office.

dog with red scarf and Chinese envelope

Image: Entry in The Cove at Tiburon Pet Pageant

Pet Community Engagement

Critically speaking, a pet-friendly space is not just built with brick and mortar — it’s also built with behaviors and culture as well. With this in mind, multifamily apartments are being more intentional about creating a welcoming environment for their furry friends. From partnering with local shelters for adoption days to offering “Yappy Hours,” there are plenty of event offerings made just for pet owners. Maximus’ Parkmerced includes a pet page on their community site, and hosts events like Pet Pageants to familiarize the residents with pet-friendly community culture.

two dogs looking up at sky

Concierge services (But for pets)

In order to go the extra mile, many residential communities are also curating an array of pet services. From pets spas to washing and grooming stations, many new apartment complexes are offering a lot more in-house treatments than they used to. Communities have also partnered with local vendors to provide pet-sitting, grooming and dog-walking services. Some communities simply incorporate dedicated points of contact for pet needs, like Parkmerced’s Residential Services Field Agents (RSFAs), who can help with needs like pet registration and other services.