5 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks for 2021

vacuum on rug with confetti

While regular upkeep is already a practice we like to keep in our homes, the tradition of spring cleaning is a nice reset and overhaul to transition out of the past year. Freshening up our homes takes on new meaning as we welcome longer days and more sociable circumstances as well. To get the most out of your spring cleaning, we’ve collected a few must-know tips that’ll make your life brighter and easier.

Do a little steam cleaning

After a long year staying at home, all of our couches and chairs deserve a little love for the support they’ve offered us. To renew your furniture from the exposure to heat, skin cells and sweat, deep clean with a hot steamer on your upholstery. Steam cleaners are gentle and versatile as well — after cleaning your furniture, use it on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces as well!

Bathrrom and Kitchen cleaner with wooden scrub brush and towels.

Be intentional with your cleaning supplies

The purpose of spring cleaning is already defeated if your influx of cleaning supplies starts to clutter your home. Keep it simple with all-purpose cleaning solutions and then look for specialty supplies on a needs-basis. For your suite of appliances and supplies, refresh your collection with coordinated sets that seamlessly blend into the interior aesthetic of your home so that you can spend less effort cramming them away after cleaning.

Kitchen counter with lemons and spray cleaner

Tough water stains? Use lemon.

Water stains are a frustrating concept — stains left behind by the very substance that’s used to wash things? Not the most intuitive problem. Luckily, stains on faucets, at the bottom of tea kettles and on unsuspecting glassware can be cleaned by rubbing or steaming with a cut-up lemon. You can also clean your microwave by adding lemon juice to a bowl of water and microwaving it until steamy, then allowing it to sit for a couple minutes before removing.

Laundry basket filled with clothes

Wash your fabric accessories

Don’t forget to throw your heavy-use canvas bags and baseball caps in the wash in addition to your typical laundry loads. Of course, exercise caution by material, but generally, the reusable bags and winter scarves we’ve casually thrown on in the past season would be greatly refreshed from a cycle in the washing machine.

Use a high-quality vacuum. Seriously.

Relieve yourself of some allergy season anxiety by investing in a premium vacuum model with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and traps more emissions and dirt than a typical vacuum. With less allergens released in the air, gain some peace of mind and breath a little easier at home.