5 Interior Design Trends to Try Right Now

dining area in parkmerced apartment

Home trends have long been dynamic and ever-changing, but the past year of staying indoors and working from home has up-ended several interior design trends and accelerated others. We’ve collected some of our favorite rising trends to consider for your own space below.

bed with mood lighting via headboard sconce

Moving away from ascetic minimalism 

Now, folks are looking for their homes to feel more— well, lived-in. While keeping away clutter is still in style, we’re moving away from sterile and empty swaths of space and infusing a bit more personalities into our spaces now. People are now returning tinges of color to their interiors by way of accent furniture and refreshed paints and wallpapers. 

white table sculptures against white wall.

Image: Pieces by Asian American artist Cindy Hsu Zell

Sculptural furniture

Art lovers rejoice, as this trend speaks to both form and function. From standing floor lamps to flower vases, many working artists and artisans are offering unique, made-to-order pieces, and these pieces will begin to adorn all luxe interiors. Draw the gaze of your visitors to the lively shapes and forms of your sculptural furnishings and ceramic decor.  

farmhouse style kitchen counter with baskets and breadboards

Image: Cottagecore influencer @nyangsoop via Instagram

Urban Cottagecore

A renewed love for rustic aesthetics and cottagecore has been slowly creeping onto social media for a long time, but 2020 has skyrocketed that interest. For those who craving a touch of nostalgic color and familiar simplicity, this aesthetic is achieved through reclaimed wood materials, folksy embroidery and muted gingham fabrics. Especially in urban settings, the romance of cottagecore by way of delicate flower arrangements and wicker baskets can spiritually transport you to an idyllic countryside garden home.

decorative teacup with basket of small pumpkins

Antiques and Granny Chic

All the design publications are talking about it — the “granny chic” trend, wherein millennials are returning to traditional and nostalgic decor such as floral wallpaper, thrifted antiques, china teaware and other vintage touches. Coming out of past years’ sleek and modern trends, this generation wants crocheted fabrics and brassy tones from an era forgotten. Remember — kitschy and even campy textiles and details are what pulls it all together. Granny chic is meant to be comfortable, but still bold!

white desk with laptop, coffee mug, plant and light

Softer lighting arrangements

Since we’ve spent the past year working from home, we’ve become much more aware of how we look on a video call. Softer, skin-tone complimenting bulbs, lamps and fixtures are something we can look out for. Function-forward table lamps are necessary to reduce our eye strain while also not washing out our appearances on our webcams.