The PALL Experience

The Pall Room

The Pall Experience Room

The PALL Experience is one of many unique and high-quality employee wellness programs at Maximus, where we believe that self-care is a prerequisite to a happy, healthy, productive employee community. Studies show that stress compromises clear decision making: PALL eases stress for our teams to operate in their own ideal sweet spot.

Created by Planet Apothecary Living Laboratory, the PALL Experience is a private room to destress and reset in just moments throughout the day. To begin the session, you select from a set of mood-based programs and settle into a state-of-the-art ecosystem chaise that offers gentle microcirculation to promote blood flow (the same system provided to NASA).

Your PALL Experience is delivered through a fully customizable LED illumination wall and audio system, immersing you in a unique bath of brilliant color and sound.  The multi-sensory experience combines guided meditation, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and sound therapy at precise frequencies to encourage autonomic relaxation, yielding greater mental acuity, and positive emotional and physiological responses.