• Date May 20, 2020
  • Category Design


Maximus Makes a Statement with Art in the Workplace

When designing its new headquarters at San Francisco’s One Maritime Plaza, Maximus sought to elevate the office environment with art that reflected the company’s brand aesthetic and its mission to transform the way people live and work. The 17,400-square-foot office space, which spans the entire upper floor of the landmark building, presented Studios Architecture with a unique opportunity to complement expansive views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay with inspiring artwork curated by Maximus founder, Rob Rosania.

Three works from Mark Barrow—one tan-colored acrylic and two light pink and purple acrylics on hand-loomed linen—present soothing geometric shapes, while a piece by Latifa Echakhch showcases a black Indian ink circle within a larger cream-colored circle, creating a striking juxtaposition between light and dark. 


A pencil and graphite sketch of a brick wall by artist Tony Lewis—titled “Remember That Winners Do What Losers Don’t Want to Do”—serves as an inspiring focal point for employees. The artwork strikes a balance between subtle and striking, creating a welcoming backdrop that helps clients and employees alike feel motivated and strengthened.


According to a recent study, 53 percent of workers said having art in the office makes them happier—and that has certainly proven to be the case for Maximus. “I believe art in the workplace is important because art should just be everywhere,” says Arielle Schussler, Project Associate, Development at Maximus. Schussler’s favorite piece in the office — “The Hole” by Piotr Uklański — unites LED lighting and polished stainless steel to create the illusion of a spatial abyss.


“‘The Hole” requires a person to actively decide to look down and engage,” she said. “What each person sees is different and yet the same: a reflection and an abyss. How those things interact and what the viewer takes away from the experience is ultimately up to the viewer.”

By placing high-quality artwork throughout the office, Maximus has demonstrated its commitment to creating a people-focused, purpose-driven environment. The company’s art collection has boosted creative thinking and staff productivity, impressed clients, and created a more inviting atmosphere.