How to Masterfully Bring Greenery Inside the Home

Miscellaneous plants in room

It’s no secret that indoor greenery has skyrocketed in popularity again in recent years; there’s seldom a single aspirational interior on Instagram or Pinterest without flowers and foliage adorning the space. These days, everyone wants the benefits of indoor flora — a splash of color, a breath of oxygen and a feeling of lightness. Whether you’re ready to take on a full-on indoor garden or just start small with a desk plant, we have you covered with some tips on mastering indoor greenery.

close up of monstera plant leaves against white wall

Choose the right faux plants

Real and fake plants both have their merits, but faux plants are a bit trickier to style depending on their quality. Faux plants were once considered tacky and easy to spot, but have become much more fashionable in recent years. Incredibly realistic plants can be found at stores such as World Market and CB2. The key is to look for plants that are distinctive in shape and texture: fiddle leaf figs, air plants, monsteras, lichens, banana trees and succulents. Be sure to look for plastic materials, as the fabric plants of the past are dead giveaways of artificiality when it comes to leafy foliage.

view of three small plants on white table in front of couch

The pot is just as important as the plant

No matter the plant, the vessel you pot it in is an essential opportunity to complement the form of your flora, as well as introduce a sculptural piece into your home. The same plant potted in a generic terra cotta planter has a completely different effect than the same plant in an elevated ivory planter from a high end home goods store. The former appeals to cabincore robustness, while the latter appeals to a clean, modern aesthetic.

circular frame hanging on wall with vertical planting and white pebble design

Take advantage of wall space

Look beyond generic floor planters and table vases. Ceramic wall planters are simple and gorgeous, and for the more adventurous decorators, there are more creative options to take inspiration from such as this round wall planter from The Apollo Box. Trailing fishhook plants also work as top-shelf greenery if you’re fond of the look of overgrown ivy walls.

Picture of 5 small white planters with gold trim hung on white wall

Low Maintenance Air Plants

Not everyone has a green thumb, but not all plants are so high maintenance like the infamous fiddle leaf fig. Air plants don’t require soil, so their decor possibilities are limitless: dangle them from glass terrariums, mount them on latticework frames or stick them to an abstract centerpiece mantle. All they need is some indirect sunlight and to be soaked in water every two weeks.