How to Create a Living Space that Promotes Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important yet easily overlooked parts of our lives. Linked to both physiological and psychological health, a routine and restful sleep can define your mood and energy in the days that follow. We are always considering the relationship between space and function, and creating optimal sleep environments lies at the intersection between hard science and design sensibility. Below, discover some tips for creating a space that promotes your best sleep possible.

1. Control the light

One of human beings’ strongest cues in sleep cycle regulation is light. This is where blackout curtains and shades are extremely helpful. Give your internal clock a helping hand by limiting exterior light to aid in melatonin production.

2. Control the lighting

On the topic of light, your bedroom lighting is also an important component of crafting a sleep-friendly space. If necessary, swap out your bedside lamp bulb, as studies demonstrate that lowered color temperature and illuminance help your mind’s drowsy journey into sleep.

woman's arm with bracelet reaching up to turn off lamp

3. A bit of noise can go a long way

Many of us actually sleep better with a bit of white noise, since complete silence makes us more sensitive to external noises. A simple sound machine, a speaker with gentle music, or even a whirring electric fan can help create a rhythmic soundscape to drown out whatever external noise is keeping you up at night.

4. Cool it down

Anyone who has kicked off all their blankets in the middle of the night knows that excess heat disturbs sleep. Turning down your thermostat or placing a fan in your bedroom to keep it at a temperature between 65 to 70 degrees is a nice sweet spot to aid your body’s thermoregulation.

Retro fan on table against tan wall, side view

5. Attend to the senses

Visually dress your room in neutral and calming colors. Delight your sense of smell with a spa candle or diffuser. Treat your skin to a new set of silky sheets or any material that feels breathable and cooling. All of your senses are fine-tuned to your surroundings, so make sure that all sensations are ready to relax.