The Perks of Pet Ownership for Mental & Emotional Health

When building communities, we understand that it takes a lot more than shelter to make a place feel like home. Beyond its role as a sanctuary in your life, what ties together the feeling of home is a bond. And one of the most important bonds known to humankind is the bond between humans and animals. 


Maximus believes in pet-friendly spaces, not only because of the more obvious benefit of companionship, but also because of the deeper effects on mental health and social wellbeing. 

Studies have shown that keeping pets as domestic companions can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. A study from Purdue University demonstrated that pets offer a sense of security and social support. In addition to psychological benefits, pet ownership also promotes healthier lifestyle choices such as frequent outdoor exercise. In conjunction with these natural benefits, being around these furry companions is also a valuable learning experience — we learn about unconditional love, and the joys of found family. 

In the urban tangle that has sprung up over the years, many real estate developments have left animals behind not only in their policies, but in their lifestyle amenity offerings. However, at Maximus, pet-friendliness is an amenity that we take to heart. All Maximus communities are pet-friendly — not only are pets allowed, but many of our developments also include pet-oriented amenities such as pet washing stations and enclosed play areas.

The Cove at Tiburon in Marin County is just one of the many Maximus communities committed to preserving the human-animal bond. MacGregor Goodhart, the General Manager for The Cove, is a part of their initiative to promote a pet-friendly environment: “As a pet parent, it’s important to feel connected to a community that supports my lifestyle. My [dog] and I both enjoy sitting on our balcony enjoying sunshine and views of the water.” 

Goodhart explains some of the amenities offered at The Cove: “Some pet parents frequent The Cove leasing office daily for their dogs to enjoy a treat! I partnered with a local treat company, Wilderbites, to set up a pop-up table for our fall resident program. The Cove hosted a treat bag giveaway to pet parents as well as treat samples.”

Companionship has an unquantifiable value, and we at Maximus believe that communities are made from more than brick and mortar — they’re formed by ties between people, spaces and their loved ones. So Maximus welcomes our furry residents, and hopes to not only keep these tender relationships, but to continue to merge their inclusion into our visionary lifestyle offerings.