Quick Home Updates to Help You Embrace a New Season

Refreshing one’s living space means more than just a quick tidy-up. It’s important to reconfigure our environments every now and then so that our minds are given room to grow and breathe rather than remain stagnant over time. With many of us staying at home more than ever, a change of scenery begins with our interiors. 

1. Bring the Outdoors Inside

As you keep your windows shut tight away from cooler temps, a great way to refresh the air indoors is by bringing in some spider plants. A little bit of plant life goes a long way in filtering out any indoor air pollution from airborne chemicals that make their way indoors. Spider plants are the perfect candidate as your new indoor neighbors, as this hardy variety doesn’t require much water or direct light, and prefers cooler temperatures.

2. The Throes of Winter Require Throws

As we transition into winter, too much central heating can dry out and damage the skin, so we suggest adding a winter throw to your collection, as it’s both a bedroom accent and a convenient way to bundle up in the winter. From lightweight cashmere to heavier faux-fur reversibles, throw blankets are a simple way to up the luxury in your living space. These make lovely holiday gifts, but also act as functional items for your own home. Choose from natural materials such as wool, cashmere, alpaca, linen and fine cotton. Go for either simple neutrals or a pop of color, and if it doesn’t quite tie into your bedding scheme, drape it over your favorite chair or sofa.

3. Craft a Centerpiece

Dining room centerpieces don’t need to be an extravagant affair — one can be as simple as a minimalist candle arrangement or as trendy as an eye-catching pot of lichen moss. Swap out different ideas and see what fits the room best, as it’s a novel yet timeless way to add texture to your dining space.

4. Set the Mood

Another way of immersing yourself in the winter spirit is with some creative lighting. Since there’s much less daylight in the wintertime, great indoor lighting is key for your home. However, not all light is the same, and we would suggest incorporating some sort of mood lighting to ease your transition from evening activities into nighttime coziness. This can mean swapping out your current bulbs for smart bulbs that can dynamically dim, or even switching to certain dimmer lamps just for the nighttime — set the mood by crafting an assortment of string lights and table lamps such as a firefly, moon or salt lamp if you want to indulge in a bit of creativity.

5. Warmth and Aroma

This is the simplest on this list, yet it’s the most timeless way of welcoming a new season. Finding a winter candle that you really love truly goes a long way. A more toned-down source of warmth than a sweeping fireplace, a high-quality fragranced candle meets the needs of multiple senses: a splash of texture for your sight, a breath of warmth for your sense of touch, and a waft of aroma for your sense of smell. There’s no need to go all out on a designer candle, but we would advise taking the time to find a fragrance that instantly transplants you into a warm and wintry atmosphere.

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