Maximus Outlook: Apartment Living Trends for 2021

The way we work, live and entertain has transformed drastically over the past year, and as a result, renters’ needs, priorities and desires have shifted and evolved. The way we show up in our living spaces and engage with our neighborhoods is causing us to re-think how our environments can support our desires. Here are a few apartment lifestyle trends to watch for as we head into 2021.

Multimodal Outdoor Space

A strong desire for versatile open-air spaces that allow us to safely connect with nature and loved ones has led to adaptations in several residential enclaves. For example, Maximus’ Sharon Green in Menlo Park has equipped its outdoor spaces with WiFi, enabling residents to meld productivity with community connection.

Expansive Home Offices

As working from home has become the new normal, carving out a distinct workspace is paramount. Home offices need to function not just as zones of productivity but also provide a separate space, demarcated with the help of design elements, that encourages work-life balance—a true challenge when everything from eating to working takes place in the same home. Remote workers may be drawn to cozy, personalized wall art, versatile room separators or curtains and adjustable-height desks that stave off back pain. These kinds of environment-changing design elements are essential to crafting a corner of home that inspires focus and creativity.

In-Unit Washer / Dryer

Though having in-residence washer and dryer units seems like a small detail rather than a flashy trend, the importance of this feature has immensely grown in an era of social distancing. Preferences will shift towards optimizing residential space to serve functions that were once outsourced to beyond the home, and that includes basic services. 

Flexible Floor Plans

Open, airy floor plans have been fashionable for a while now, but looking forward into 2021, the need for versatile open space has never been more clear. In order to optimize areas in one’s home, customizable rooms and multi-functional spaces are essential. To this end, much of Maximus’ 151-acre Parkmerced development is being reimagined. We spoke recently with renowned architect Anne Fourgeron about her team’s approach, as they sought to include more light-capturing windows, outdoor access and functional living environments. With people staying home now more than ever, the need to personalize a space to provide comfort and functionality is of great importance.

Patios and Balconies

Historically, apartment-dwellers haven’t had the same expectations of outdoor space as homeowners with lawns, gardens, and yards. Balconies and patios have been a plus, but never downright essential. However, 2021 looks to be a year of higher demand for private outdoor spaces. For the apartment dweller, an expansive balcony or a sprawling patio—like those offered at Maximus’ The Cove—provides the perfect slice of private outdoor connection and a safe space to host a small, socially distanced confab.

More Storage

Space optimization is not a new trend, but as people are immersed in their living spaces more than before, their at-home needs—and WFH equipment— have piled up. As people seek to streamline their interiors, it’s important for all their essential possessions to fit perfectly in their space. From additional built-in shelving to walk-in closets—both elements offered at Maximus’ Sharon Green —and ample residence-wide storage solutions, the apartment-hunters of 2021 will be keeping organization top of mind.