Easy Ways to Brighten Your Bedroom in the Winter

piture of bed with blue, white and brown pillows, natural headboard and nightstand with lamp

Setting the right tone in your home during the winter months can be tricky, as this season often toes the line between cozy and dreary. Now that the new year has rolled around, most of us have put away our more festive decorations, but there still isn’t much more daylight now than December had to spare. Here are a few ways to spark a little bit of interior joy for these remaining few wintry months.

1. Go Lighter

A crucial component of color theory is understanding the relationship between color and light reflection. Make sure your home’s surfaces are light colors such as ivory, cream and white to maximize your light. If your floors are a light shade or a glossy hardwood, remove any heavy rugs and let the colors breathe some light back into your room. If you have upholstery or slipcovers that can be swapped from deeper hues to brighter fabrics, then these reflective surfaces will certainly brighten up your whole space.

Bed with rumpled white bedding

2. Retire Your Screens

This time of year, mesh screens aren’t so necessary if you’re not opening your windows. Temporarily popping them out of your window frames for these next few months will optimize your home’s inflow of light.

Closse up view out window with small plant and blurred green background

3. Add Mirrors

A large, nice mirror for your bedroom acts as a sort of triple threat: it acts as a functional dressing room mirror; with a nice design or frame, it beautifies wall space; and if you’re in desperate need of light, a mirror will double it through the science of reflection.

Corner of bed with gray striped comforter, picture, plant and mirror decor

4. Lighter Scents

Once you’ve got lighting covered, it’s important to remember to serve your other senses. Popular autumnal and wintry scents like vanillas and spices tend to be quite heavy, so now that the holidays have passed, try out diffusers and candles with crisper, cleaner scents such as citrus.

orange candle on tray with dried citrus slices surrounding it.

We hope these tips help you brighten up your space as we ride out the rest of winter. Let us know how you’re lightening up your own bedroom by sharing a photo and tagging us on Instagram.