5 Ways to Shape Private Space

Everyone needs a space that’s all their own for replenishing activities like meditating or journaling. And while it could be a corner of your living room or patio shared with family members, it’s best that this space is reserved for particular personal use — the key is simply to energize the space differently than you would for the existing rooms in the house. That way, your brain doesn’t confuse whether to be in productivity mode, social mode or sleep mode. Below, explore five tricks to shape the perfect private space for you

  1. Start with Seating

The central element of a private space is a place to rest and rejuvenate. When it comes to seating options, you could go with a classic armchair for the traditional reading spot. Alternatively, if you prefer curling up, you could opt for a more snug accent chair. For those looking to recline, there are plenty of chaise lounge chairs that embody the best of both comfort and style.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Some homes seem to have personal enclaves built in, such as window seats, staircase spandrel nooks, sequestered balconies or even personal studies. However, all homes of any size or floor plan have the potential to host a space that is all your own. A private space is less about being hidden away and more about being a designated area that is reserved for you — a place that matches your energy. Window-side spaces work best for taking advantage of a flood of natural light.

  1. Light it Accordingly

While natural daylight is the perfect complement to a personal enclave, appropriate indoor lighting is necessary for all those cloudy days, morning twilight hours and star-lit evenings. Try installing a dimmer light switch for your existing lighting fixture or buying a lamp with one to really set the ambient mood of your nook. Standing and table lamps not only offer task lighting for any reading or craftwork you want to get done but they also can be gorgeous opportunities to furnish the space. To add a creative touch of magic to the space, there are also plenty of options when it comes to accent lighting — string lights, unconventional bulbs and even candlelight will transform your space.

  1. Don’t Forget Function

Before getting carried away with decor, ask yourself what your space needs in order to function first. You’ll likely need a table to set down any drinks or books. If you’re using the space for some light productivity, maybe you’ll want to utilize a lap desk to rest your laptop upon. However, if this space is purely for relaxation, go minimal with a cocktail table. But if you’re seeking something in between work and rest, any side table or end table will do just fine. You may even repurpose a stool as a small table. Consider if you’ll prefer a full-on desk to tinker upon or just an added footrest for lounging daydreams. 

  1. Personal Touches

Once you’ve carved out your space, the next step is to make it yours. The goal here is to spark some joy without going overboard with cluttering the space. Decorate the walls with beloved artwork or fill a nearby shelf with treasured trinkets. Bring your favorite record player or an inconspicuous bluetooth speaker so that your hideaway has the perfect soundtrack to follow. Pot a plant nearby if you’re fond of foliage and lay a throw blanket down to snuggle up with.